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Who Are Ya?! Teknicolor

Article by: Nick Lamoureux

Teknicolor is a rising name in the vast landscape of electronic dance music, so we’re giving you an inside scoop on Ty Mittelsteadt, the talent behind the Teknicolor sound project, in this next installment of Who Are Ya?!

The ambitious producer, living just outside of Denver, Colorado, has been immersed in music since the young age of seven. Quickly picking up the drums and keyboard, Ty dove headfirst into the rock music scene, even joining a band in his late teenage years to explore his interest in the Nu-Metal sound. It wasn’t until a fateful trip to Mexico, when Ty finally discovered electronic music. He purchased a random $5 mixtape from a street vendor, which ultimately served as a motivating force to pursue the production of electronic music. 

After researching the myriad subgenres of EDM, Ty set out to incorporate varied sounds from different genres to create a uniquely diverse production, encapsulating his experiences from the past and present. Drawing on inspiration and gaining support from musical masterminds like Henry Fong, Nitti Gritti, and Wuki, Teknicolor continues to be an out of the box producer, proving that a producer doesn’t need to confine themselves to one genre. 

Teknicolor represents all that is fun with EDM, going beyond the musical production. He dives deep into the visual representation of his production to spread the joy of this project - even Teknicolor’s balloon logo is another bright symbol.

Teknicolor has been busy this year, kicking off 2020 with the flashy dancehall banger “Do It Again.” The popping underlying bassline unfolds in an infectious rhythm and matches with smooth vocals to earn this song a spot on the dance floor tracklist. He pushed forward with another turbocharged single “Breakout,” melodically smooth on the intro, but stealthily a pumped up, high BPM slapper. Most recently, Teknicolor teamed up with Moon Rush to produce “Experience,” another energetic Hard Dance single.

Along with the fresh releases, Teknicolor has also made memorable appearances on various live streams. Sharing his colorful and vibrant production with the world, he played sets on the Yesterdayland, Cyberstation, and Cyberstock live steam festivals. 

Keeping the momentum moving, Teknicolor has more projects in store for the future. The Teknicolor team has been working tirelessly on a next-level virtual reality event amidst the COVID crisis, while also organizing a new stage production titled “Teknicircus.” The production is set to feature choreographed circus-style acts, including dancers, fire-spinners, and more.  

With all these exciting ideas for the future, be sure to catch Teknicolor’s next live stream, keep an eye out for his fresh new production, and listen to his catchy tunes.

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