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Who Are Ya?! with Georgi

Article by: Patrick Egan

photo cred: @cj_ascoli

I recently had the pleasure to sit down with Georgi and ask her some questions for our latest edition of Who Are Ya?! Sit back and enjoy reading all about this budding talent.

Patrick: Tell us a little bit about yourself. How did you get your artist name?

Georgi: My name is Georgi, I’m from a small town outside Boston, MA, and I’m 22 years old. I go by my birth name, which is funny because growing up I hated my name and got mocked for it a lot, but now I like it. It’s me.

P: How long have you been making music? Do you play any instruments? What is your hardware / software setup like? How do you feel technology has evolved your music?

G: I’ve been song writing since I was a toddler. I wrote and performed my first songs all throughout my childhood, as well as all the school talent shows. But I didn’t start taking music seriously until about a year ago, when I spent time in some music studios and started doing vocals for local producers. That led me to want full creative control and take on music production with Ableton. I knew it was going to take time to get my music out to the world, so for fun four months ago I began DJing and fell in love with the whole process. For production I utilize Ableton as well as dope plug-ins like Serum.

P: What music genres are you most interested in? Who are some artists you admire?

G: I love all music. My favorite genres to rock out to are the harder shit like techno, bass house, and tech house. Some producers I value are: Solomun, Boris Brejcha, and Skrillex. Beats aside, I also really admire good song writing, so I look up to Lana del Rey as she is so raw and vulnerable in her music. It really makes me emotional. I guess the music I listen to just depends on what mood I’m in. I just love music that makes me feel strong emotions. I don’t think sadness or excitement should be labelled good or bad -- it’s all a part of being human.

photo cred: @cj_ascoli

P: Tell us about your music influences and background -- can you elaborate on how you developed your sound?

G: I feel like I’m on a non-stop journey of self discovery as an artist. I try not to put myself in a box because I truly have inspiration coming from various genres, events, people -- even trauma. I just like to feel the vibes and not think too hard and I want my music to make people feel that way. Growing up I listened to underground hip hop and hadn’t discovered electronic music. Living in New York City has exposed me to underground house music parties in Brooklyn as well as more commercial music.

I think my sound came from a void that I was trying to fill by abusing nightlife for a while. As much as my sound has developed from bass house and techno, I crave a melodic disposition. I like to bring melodies into my tracks through groovy rap verses, which I feel is a way to put my thoughts on the beat. For a while, I wasn’t sure I fit in as an artist, but the more I play shows and share demos, the more I realize I have developed my own sound. I like music to be playful and some songs I make are deeper than others, but they are all me. After getting enough experience in the studio and writing at home, I felt like my songs were becoming synchronized into my own little genre which I call Bitch House.

P: What is a message you always try to portray to your fans?

G: The main message I want to portray to my fans is to trust your intuition and never let anyone tell you differently. I’ve not been taken seriously and talked down numerous times, and I am just at the beginning of my journey as an artist. When I first started, I didn’t fully trust myself. To make it in this life you need to trust your opinion, your talent, your creativity, your uniqueness, and not give a FUCK what anyone has to say about it. If you resonate, someone else will too. People don’t need to get your vision and you don’t need to explain yourself!

P: What inspired you to get into making music? What continues to inspire you?

G: The way music makes me feel is my main inspiration. I literally always need music playing no matter what I’m doing. When I’m singing, producing, DJing, or writing, I get in a whole new brain state and I feel on top of the world. I legit feel like I can do anything. I want others who listen to my music to feel that way as well. Nothing could make me happier.

P: What are some goals for your music production? What about any memorable moments you’ve enjoyed in your musical journey?

G: I really want to influence the industry and other females to follow their heart and be themselves. I’m grateful I have the platform to do that, and I want to keep developing my skills in production so I can keep releasing Bitch House tracks. It’s easy when you’re at the beginning of things to feel overwhelmed, especially when you can creatively see everything you want to do to a track in your head. But I’m excited to spend more time making original synths and letting myself go where my intuition wants to guide me.

P: Anything else you would like to share before signing off?

G: I am grateful for the opportunity to introduce myself and excited for everyone to hear the releases I have coming up this year. I love what I do and just can’t wait to share with more and more people each day. The industry I’m in doesn’t have many females and I want to be an example for any girls out there who love what they do just as much as any male. They should be given all the same opportunities. No one should be looked at differently. Talent is talent. Passion is passion. Influence is power.

P: Well there you have it, Moon Lvnding Fam. I hope you enjoyed reading along and learning something new about this talented young artist. Catch you back here for the next edition of Who Are Ya?!

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