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Who Are Ya?! - with Zingara

Article by: Patrick Egan

Those from the Maryland area may be familiar with the growing artist Zingara. The 23-year-old Maryland native, whose real name is Gabrielle Mirabile, began DJing in local bars in the Towson area. Zingara got her start after being approached by a local bar owner who recommended that she should try out spinning.

Immediately falling in love with the craft, she knew this was something she wanted to pursue. Gabrielle landed on the name Zingara due to the heavy spiritual influence of her aunt. Gabrielle has always referred to her aunt, who is a medium, as her "gypsy witch" aunt. When it was time to decide on a stage name, Gabrielle wanted to try to encompass her love for the spirit world and her family’s background, so she combined both and chose Zingara, which means “gypsy” in Italian.

For Zingara, music has always been a focal point of her life; from dancing and creating YouTube parody music videos, to being a videographer who loves to film EDM shows, music has always come first. She played the clarinet as a child and danced throughout her childhood up until college.

Zingara began to educate herself in the world of production through YouTube tutorials, assistance from friends, and by taking classes at Towson University. Using Ableton, Zingara shared how shocked she was by the power of just a laptop and headphones, giving her endless creative possibilities.

Zingara is fond of all music types and doesn't want to be put in a box for only creating a specific genre of music. When asked to describe her music though, she classifies it as “bass music.”

When discussing artists that she admires, some of her favorites include Clozee, LSDream, and Liquid Stranger. Zingara also mentioned she really looks up to her close personal friends that produce as well.

As an artist, she has many musical influences. She attempts to make music that reflects who she is, rather than trying to sound like some of her favorite artists. Zingara is consistently developing her sound, and based on her releases from this past year, it is clear she is refusing to put herself in that aforementioned, genre-specific box.

Throughout the journey of DJing and production, Zingara went to various shows and festivals, with a focus on the performing artists. She resonated with the feelings that artists experience when sharing their music with the crowd. Because of her love for performing, she immediately knew that entertaining with music was the right path for her and has expressed how rewarding it is to play one of her original tracks and see the crowd’s positive reactions.

Zingara is constantly inspired by her love for music, watching her friends and inspirations make music, and the support she receives. Zingara explained “the motivation I get from the constant love and support I have been receiving this year is something I am beyond thankful for. Seeing my own progress with my production is also what keeps me going. I am always coming up with new ideas, and cannot wait to see what I create.”

Zingara’s primary message she wishes to portray to fans and listeners is that you can do anything you set your mind to and that manifestation is very real. After shifting her perspective to believing her dreams are within reach, things started to come to fruition. Zingara urges fans to reach out to her with any questions on where to start with DJing or producing. The artist expressed her love for helping people and looks to provide the support that she received when she was starting out, saying “once you learn how powerful your own energy is, there is nothing you cannot achieve as long as it comes from a good place in your heart.”

When reflecting on her goals, Zingara emphasized she does not believe she can ever get to a place where she stops learning and growing. She expressed a desire for people to hear her music and know that it's her. The artist also has a desire to help people with their own music and production, and looks to teach others as much as she knows.

Throughout her journey, Zingara has had many emphatic moments. One specific moment that resonates with her was in May 2021 when she received the opportunity to play at her first festival. All the nerves and anxiety dissipated as she felt at home behind the decks.

After wrapping up a successful 2021, Zingara looks to have a massive 2022. This past month, Zingara announced she would be providing direct support and touring with Subdocta! The Moon Lvnding team encourages you to look out for the tour as they come to a city near you, because her set will be worth the listen.

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