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XAVAGE & Jon Casey “Make It Clap” With Their New Groovy Collaboration

Article by: Trevor Di Carlo

XAVAGE and John Casey are rising stars within the trap music industry, today the two team up to unleash their formidable new collaboration “Make It Clap.” Out now through Elysian Records.

“Make It Clap” combines the signature styles of these talented producers to allow for a perfect ratio of groovy vibes with gritty hard-hitting trap. The vocal cuts sewn throughout the composition play into the powerful dynamic of the underlying filthy bass and progressive percussion which really drive the twerk energy.

“I knew for a while now that Jon’s and I styles would really compliment each other. When Jon was on tour we linked up in LA and I showed him the track in its early stages. It had my signature bounce and groove which Jon then took and brought it to a whole new level.” - XAVAGE

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