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Xavi Teases New Album with Lead Single "Neverless"

Article by: Sam Wolloch

Xavi, a young producer from the Midwest US, released “Neverless” last Friday, the first single from his upcoming album The Endless Searing Skies. The single and the forthcoming album were picked up by the Seven Lions imprint Ophelia Records, which speaks volumes about Xavi’s musical talent and production skills.

“Neverless” is a fun electropop track featuring vocals from the artist himself. The melody is soft and sweet, with a light and delicate feel. But don’t get too comfy, because the second drop really packs a beautiful punch. Xavi produces feel good music, similar in style to Porter Robinson and Madeon, and “Neverless” is the perfect lead track for his upcoming album.

While The Endless Searing Skies does not have a release date yet for 2021, one can listen to some of the IDs from the album during Xavi’s next livestream. He will be a featured artist on the Seven Lions Presents: Visions #7 livestream Friday, December 18. Enjoy the event and keep up with all the latest from Xavi using the links below.

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