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xSPARKYx from Huntington Beach Releases Synthwave Single “Take Me”

Article by: Corey Fox

Photo Cred: Micah Glothon

“Take Me,” a new song released by the up-and-coming artist xSPARKYx representing Synergia Records, is set to be released to the masses Thursday, September 16. I didn’t know what to expect, but I will say this arrangement blew me away on first listen. It’s not every day you get to hear the soundscapes of an emerging artist who is blazing new trails in the synthwave realm. Let’s dive in!

The track begins with some haunting strokes of the synthesizer, and quite honestly, it’s the quintessential definition of a vibe. I was half-expecting 808 drums and a trap beat to blow out my speakers off the rip, but to my surprise “Take Me” did the opposite. Instead, my ears were blessed with those familiar and brooding analog-style drum machine hits, resonating through my bluetooth speakers as if they had materialized straight out of a Roland TR505. As I close my eyes, I am instantly teleported to 1983 (minus the aviator shades and the member’s only jacket of course.)

About midway through the song, however, something majestic happens. After you slide past the interpolations and the sampled voices that add a level of effervescent class to the original instrumentation, the song takes on another form during the bridge with a poisonous beat switch -- effectively turning the track into a hybrid. The genre-hopping 808s lead us out of the 1980s and back into the 2000s with a fervor, like Marty McFly and Doc Brown jumped into their Delorean with the butterfly doors and came rushing back to the future in a swift, momentary lapse of interdimensional awesomeness.

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There is something to be said about Synthwave when it hits just right. A subgenre of Retrowave and a microgenre of electronic music, Synthwave becomes an overwhelmingly nostalgic experience when you hear it done to perfection -- and this song does just that. It’s the idyllic soundtrack to your life as you surf along the solar system in-between the planets, a million and one miles away from home, into the void. It’s barrel rolling amidst the asteroids and nodding your head softly to the waveform rendition as it plays on your spaceship's heads-up-display.

Be on the lookout for “Take Me” by the artist xSPARKYx, also known as Micah Glothon, real name, no gimmicks. He is based out of Huntington Beach, California in lieu of Synergia Records. Check out the links below to keep up to date with xSPARKYx.


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