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YOOKiE’s ‘WOOKIE’ EP Arrives with a Fresh Sound

Article by: Annalee “Alee” Noel

YOOKiE has been a familiar duo in the bass world for a few years now. Working with the likes of Zeds Dead, Slander, Sullivan King, Nitti Gritti, Wooli, Kompany and Black Tiger Sex Machine, they’ve really delivered amazing collabs and compelling remixes. Their unreleased remix of “Do It To It” by Acraze was recently played on the Ultra mainstage by none other than David Guetta.

The namesake WOOKiE EP, released on Wakaan, gives listeners five trap-inspired tracks with just the perfect amount of grime. The minimal, bass-driven tracks are incredibly unique, pushing the bounds of grimey bass music. The full idea introduced on their previous single, “GRiME SHiT,” which dropped last February, is fully explored on WOOKiE and perfectly packaged. We are provided a new delivery of entertaining raps yet again, paired with well-crafted beats and a variety of bass, showcasing YOOKiE’s evolution and completely unique innovative style.

The EP opens with “ENTER THE MACHiNE,” teasing dark, eerie basslines mixed with glitchy and industrial sounds. The extended, long riser draws you in and encourages you to “enter the machine” with tantalizing female vocals. Sonically pleasing drums hook you in and leave you hanging on the edge of your seat. “ENTER THE MACHiNE” blends perfectly into the second track “SEESAW” and sets the overall tone of the WOOKiE EP.

“SEESAW,” the second track of the EP, highlights YOOKiE’s new direction of rap and they don’t care one bit if you like it. Lyrics whispered in a soon-to-be recognizable chirp “Fuck critics you can kiss my whole asshole, if you don’t like my lyrics you can press fast forward.” The masterfully crafted beat is minimal but enticing as you definitely want to bop your head like a seesaw. It definitely reminds this writer of “BUBBLE BASS” in the best way possible. The reminiscent feel of it can be heard in the build and wobbly drop, as your ears are treated to the tasty bass that is a YOOKiE staple.

The third song, “KiLLA,” with an increase in energy from the previous two tracks, is perhaps the most innovative offering on the EP. Not only is it entertaining, but the fast-paced lyrics are a great balance of serious and silly. The first drop has a very fresh drum and bass vibe, showing the re-popularization of the genre in the American market. The break of the track is halftime with a unique callout to an old-school vinyl scratch (possibly a sped-up orbit scratch for vinyl affictionados). In true sibling style, Anthony jokes to Chris: “relax, you don’t kill people you’re a DJ,” and Chris responds “ohh you’re right my bad.” Snappy snares build up to the second drop as accelerated hi-hats energetically lead the beat, leaving you wanting more.

“GRiME SHiT,” the fourth track, was previously covered by Moon Lvnding. The amazing left-field bass track is a delight and the tonal anchor of the WOOKiE EP. The lush subsonic sound is one that leaves you bouncing and will be sure to elicit a bass-face from listeners. The vocal whispers, vinyl crackle and thundering kicks add to the incredible detail of YOOKiE’s production. The track blends well into the WOOKiE EP’s closing track “IGNiTE,” showing overall thought to how the EP came together.

On “iGNiTE,” we hear a fun play of hi-hats as they lead the introduction of the track with a tonally pleasing bass. A teeny screeching lead synth echoes for the build where it makes its introduction on the track. The energy will definitely ignite during the ballad-esque drone of the bass, as it is sure to please audiences with its swinging feel. The rap overall has a slightly different vocal treatment of right-in-your-face, but not at all in an off-putting way – more in the way as the track name suggests. Pulsing bass echoes through the second verse with a crafted flow on the rap create a call and response. Satisfyingly, the second drop is hammered home with a dance of kicks and the pleasing playful screech joining back in for the finale. Overall, the last track leaves you wanting even more YOOKiE to tingle your ears and entertain your mind with their engaging raps.

Fans can catch YOOKiE at Paradise Blue on April 29 in Cancun and May 26 at Moonwalk Festival in Bethel, NY. Los Angeles fans will be excited to know that YOOKiE will play the Shine Auditorium and Expo Hall on May 28 alongside Black Tiger Sex Machine, Vampa, Ace Aura and Heriitage B2B Swarm. This writer will certainly be there and hopes to see you too!


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