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Yula Crafts New Celestial Single “Not Alone”

Story by: Trevor Di Carlo

Yula, a producer best known for his melodic tunes, emerges from down under to deliver “Not Alone.” Yula is no stranger to the scene, pumping out original singles “Lost,” “Something More,” and “Different” in 2020, showcasing the soothing chill vibes of his musical production.

“Not Alone” immediately flows into harmonic vocals and a soft rhythmic bassline, which sets the tone for the entire release. The vocals guide listeners in a journey which explores the possibility of extraterrestrial life out in the galaxy. The otherworldly synth symphonies matching with illustrious vocal samples, illuminate a celestial sound with the calming power to soothe even the most restless of souls.

Overall, Yula meticulously crafts this extraterrestrial chill-house vibe to calm the mind.

And over the years, he has been mastering his melodic craft to deliver serene vibes through his bright production so be sure to watch out for big things from Yula in the near future.

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