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ZABO Makes His Dim Mak Debut With “Illusion,” a Mysterious Midtempo Masterpiece

Article by: Christian Langston

ZABO has been making a lot of noise recently. The Toronto-based artist has been turning heads with his unique dark and gritty sound, and his new single “Illusion” highlights exactly why. With a cosign from Dim Mak, it's easy to see why ZABO is catching so much traction. Combining elements of various genres, “Illusion” is set to be his biggest song to date.

“Illusion” opens with a mysterious soundscape filled with sparse melodic elements. The spacey and psychedelic vibe lends itself perfectly to a slow build, bringing in various sounds to build the experience. ZABO wastes no time flipping the script, though, as he thrashes the listener with an energetic drop.

The juxtaposition of the deep acid sounds and the metalic, raucous basses give “Illusion” unique power on the drop. The beating drums drive the track forward, making it impossible not to groove with the track. “Illusion” breaks down into a granular cacophony and reintroduces the haunting space from before. ZABO brings one more drop to throw the listener back into the fire before finally fading out.

“Illusion,” simply put, is everything we love about dance music; powerful drums that make you want to move, an evocative atmosphere, and distinctive sounds that give your favorite songs their character. ZABO absolutely knocked this one out of the park, and people are taking notice. Check out the rest of ZABO’s discography, and keep up with what he has coming using the links below!


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