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Zeds Dead Announce New Downtempo Label 'Altered States'

Article by: Ryan Hood

The Deadbeats label has become a pillar of bass music; a home for artists pushing the boundaries of sound itself. Now, Zeds Dead and the Deadbeats team have announced their new endeavor - a downtempo label, Altered States.

Five years ago, Zeds Dead founded their label that would subsequently take the scene by storm, becoming a home for groundbreaking artists of all genres. Since then, Deadbeats has become an electronic music juggernaut, hosting three full Deadbeats tours, six Deadrocks shows at the legendary Red Rocks Amphitheatre in Colorado, and featured over 300 of the industry’s finest artists between shows, releases, and livestreams.

Altered States represents a new direction for Zeds Dead and Deadbeats, as the new label is focused on ethereal downtempo music. Downtempo as a style has become increasingly popular in recent years, with Zeds Dead releasing three Catching Z’s mixes that can stylistically be classified as downtempo.

Zeds Dead are releasing a new “Catching Z’s” mix coming out on Altered States, showcasing 12 brand new Zeds Dead downtempo tracks. The first single from the mixtape drops on Friday, March 5, and the mixtape releases in full on March 26.

The duo has dabbled in downtempo before, notably with its remix of Household Goods by Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs, but this mixtape marks its largest downtempo release to date. Zeds Dead have excelled in every genre they have explored, including drum and bass, house and dubstep, and we are incredibly excited to hear what the iconic Canadian duo has been cooking up.

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