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Zomboy Launches Label's 1st EP 'Dead Man Walking Pt. 1'

Article by: Austin Childers

After the highly anticipated announcement of Zomboy’s record label — Rott N’ Roll Records — he comes out swinging from the depths of the past to save the world with his vigorous sound and robust dubstep. Zomboy introduced the label’s first EP, Dead Man Walking Pt. 1, on his new label on July 22, 2022.

Known for his deranged synths and obscure growls, Zomboy has left his mark on the dubstep scene for the better part of a decade. Since rising from the crypt of Never Say Die, he has further solidified his throne atop the dubstep community. The 4 tracks on Dead Man Walking Pt. 1 consist of a unique stylistic change that will have listeners hanging on to the edge of their seats.

Zomboy takes listeners on a journey — and this is just part one of the Dead Man Walking saga. He incorporates buoyant bass house in “Desperado” and abrasive bass waves in “Flatlined.” He employs a heavily syncopated kick/snare combo in the EP’s title track “Dead Man Walking” and cyborg soundscapes in “Last Man Standing.” Featuring the exemplary work of Micah Martin and MUST DIE, this first installment in the Dead Man Walking EP series makes for one hell of a listen.

Making his debut as Zomboy in 2011, he now faces a new frontier as new successes come his way. Progressing from Never Say Die Records to his own label Rott N’ Roll Records, Zomboy is now in an exciting phase of his career. The Dead Man Walking Pt. 1 EP, in his words “Sounds like the beginning of an interesting story.”

Be sure to listen to a fresh cut from Zomboy’s Dead Man Walking Pt. 1 EP by checking out our New Music Friday Heat playlist on Spotify.

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