Flight Engineer



A graduate of the University of Great Falls with a Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration and Psychology. Aside from being a freelance writer over the last few years, she has been working and managing a marketing team for four years. Her background in marketing, brand development and artist management has given her the opportunity to become well connected and highly versatile in working with a wide range of genres/environments in the music industry. Growing up with a heavy R&B as well as rap music influence, Taylor fell in love with EDM after she attended her first festival in 2014. Although she had been to many concerts prior, none elated her the same way the environment of music festivals had. "The unity and overall bonds created through the music without even knowing your crowd neighbors' names is what the EDM music scene is all about," she says. Taylor plans to exert her journalistic writing passions into creating beautiful pieces on festival experiences as well as artist interviews. She wants her role as a writer for our Moon Landing to be impactful to all readers/fans in hopes to bring others into the EDM world just as beautifully as she was drawn to it.