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Moon Lvnding is dance music media coverage that is out of this world! Our mission is to provide objective, professional and quality coverage of dance music across the globe. We strive to diversify content with reviews, podcasts, interviews, playlists, features and cultural news around the EDM community.

Founded in August of 2019, Moon Lvnding is aiming to become a leader in dance music content. We strive to cover our readers favorite artists and provide a platform to up-and-coming producers and creatives as we help gain exposure that could lead to new paths.

We believe in bringing together a community to celebrate our favorite moments through music, and we have found a place where all are accepted. Welcome, Earthling to the #MoonLvndingFam!​

Moon Lvnding is committed to transparency in our platform. We disclose that at times content on our website is sponsored by advertisers, and we openly cover scoops from our parters at PR firms, record labels, management teams and other submissions.

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