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Activations Are Changing The Way We Look At Festivals: Goldrush AZ Edition

Written By: Nick Lamoureux

Music festivals have always been a place to "escape to," and listen to some of our favorite artists. They give us a chance to be "free" from society with our closest friends, or maybe to just run off on your own for a while.

One thing that is changing is what we are seeing at these festivals, something called "activations." Activations at festivals are the experiences within the festival that makes it so unique. The rides and the booths and the different little setups throughout the festival grounds are what's changing the "norm" for these events. This year's Goldrush AZ is featuring some new and exciting activations that are a first for AZ festivals.

Let's start with some first's. SPONSORS! Yes, Jason Euler and Relentless Beats team have been doing an phenomenal job day in and out to bring on sponsors who are playing a huge factor in the activations at this years Goldrush AZ.

Let's lay out some of the sponsors and what you can expect from each one:

Shady AF Comedy:

Shady Park and crew are hosting their very own "Shady AF Comedy" show DURING the festival. This will host numerous 10-12 comedians that will be performing THROUGHOUT the length of the festival! You can come catch some laughs while you rest from all of the dancing!


Select will be sponsoring the second stage at Goldrush this year, along with sponsoring a chill lounge that includes a "recharging area" that hosts a massage vendor, and some resting spaces.

Furthermore, Select is sponsoring a rock climbing wall!

Kona Beach

Kona Beach is hosting their own patio bar with a special Shandy drink only found at the patio! From what I hear, these drinks are very tasty and everyone should try at least one! Carvana

Carvana is coming in with hosting the local stage for AZ performers. Even more exciting, they are hosting the very first silent disco as well that will have PAZ and R3LL headlining each day!

Finally, Goldrush AZ has their very own Photo Emporium! Come one come all and bring your rave fam to capture the memories from the weekend! Tickets for Goldrush can be purchased at

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