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AKA AKA & Daniel Levak Have Electro House “Under Control”

Article by: Kyle Dusterhoft

Established electro house group AKA AKA and fellow house artist Daniel Levak dive deep with their latest release “Under Control.” This track swells listeners up with heavy basslines, enthralling vocal cuts, and a compelling synth line that will most certainly make a favorable impression.

After their previous release of electro house track “Habibi,” AKA AKA continues their route on creating electro house hits, and their track “Under Control” is surely a song to get you bobbing your head at a club or festival.

“Under Control” instantly grasps listeners' attention with a catchy combination of hi-hats and a deep baseline, all leading up to a pulsating synthy drop that’ll make you want to get up and dance no matter where you are.

AKA AKA and Daniel Levak are two artists that you should keep an eye out for as festivals start to come back, because they have a lot to offer the house scene. Also stay tuned for this week's New Music Friday Playlist to find “Under Control” and other newly released tracks on Spotify! Finally, you can connect and listen to AKA AKA and Daniel Levak using the links below!


Website | Instagram | Facebook


Spotify | Apple Music | Beatport | SoundCloud | YouTube

CONNECT with Daniel Levak:

Website | Instagram | Facebook

LISTEN to Daniel Levak:

Spotify | Apple Music | Beatport | SoundCloud | Twitch

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