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ATLAST Releases "Searching" ft. Donnie Cupid on Lowly Palace

By: Nick Lamoureux

LA based producer, ATLAST has released his newest original, "Searching" featuring Donnie Cupid on Lowly Palace. This beat is a mix of dance music and hip hop with piano filling in the gaps with beautiful vocals. There's a bit slower of a build up but hits heavy with melodic bass at the first drop and I absolutely love the way this song all comes together.

This is an impressive tune considering the two wrote the beat and lyrics and produced it all in one day.

The combination of synthesizer saw chords, trap beats, cinematic strings, and sad/energetic vocals, makes for a bittersweet flow of emotion throughout this entire track.

Highly recommend giving it a listen above.

ATLAST stated that "Searching is really important to Donnie and I... our goal was to combine my style of Dance Music with his style of RnB Rap/Hip Hop and we came out of the studio with the culmination of that... We are very happy to finally release this." Follow them on Social Media:

ATLAST: Facebook: Twitter: @itsatlast

Instagram: @itsatlast

Donnie Cupid: Facebook: Twitter: @donniecupid

Instagram: @donniecupid

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