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AZ Ravers goes Moon Landing

Written By: Nick Lamoureux Welcome to Moon Landing. Your newest source for news about dance music and the festival scene.

I'd like to introduce myself, Nick Lamoureux CEO of Moon Landing and on behalf of my business partner, Jason Euler and I, we are extremely excited to bring this project to you all.

Moon Landing strives to bring cutting edge content, paired with our philanthropy dedicated to helping the youth of the world. Moon Landing will both partner with charities and dedicate our time to organizations that benefit children and those that help them get on the right path.

Moon Landing is a passion project started by Jason and I, with a team of 17 writers currently spread out through Phoenix, Tucson, Los Angeles, Austin, Santa Fe, Las Cruces, Philadelphia, New York City and Internationally.

We hope to be able to grow into one of the leading sources of EDM news and want to focus on the community involved with dance music. The community is what makes this scene we all love grow, and we plan on growing with you.

"We found a place where all are accepted and all are welcome. We found a place far from the world to release ourselves and connect with those alike. We believe in a community that can come together and celebrate the best moments in life."

If anyone is interested in becoming a contributor for Moon Landing, please reach out to myself via email: or contact me on Twitter @NickLamoureux_.

Welcome to the moon, Houston we have landed.

Social Media: Twitter: @ourmoonlanding Facebook: Moon Landing Instagram: @ourmoonlanding

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