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Basscon Releases Recon Volume 2

Article by: Jessica Duncan

Basscon is back with the second volume of their Recon series, Basscon: Recon Volume Two. Volume one was released earlier this year and focused on up-and-comers in the hard dance scene. Volume 2 has 10 tracks featuring hardstyle mainstays as well as newcomers from around the world. Multiple sub-genres of hard dance are represented including euphoric hardstyle, rawstyle, hardcore, reverse bass, and hard trap.

The compilation kicks off with the vocal-driven euphoric hardstyle track “It’s Me” from Swedish producer Quickdrop. There is also a little bit of reverse bass thrown into the second drop. UK producers Jakka-B and Macks Wolf keep the euphoric vibes going with their track “City of Angels.” The sweet piano melody quickly evolves into fast-paced reverse bass before closing out with a rapidly rising trancy synth.

Mexico has been pumping out hard dance producers for a while, including GMAXX and Calixto. Their rawstyle track “Secret of Hardstyle” features an 80’s sounding breakdown before unleashing a piep-filled second drop that descends in pitch as it goes on. Haaradak and Abs3nt, also from Mexico, bring dark and dystopian vibes with “Hyperdrive.” The listener gets some hard techno with the driving kick and laser stabs in the first drop.

American hard dance veteran Darksiderz slows things down with the vocals of Enya Angel and a soft piano melody on “Eternal.” The drop includes big room synths over a booming kick. Another American hard dance veteran Mrotek teams up with American hardcore producer Treachery for “Unholy Earth,” a fast paced journey through the rawstyle and hardcore sub genres of hard dance. Mexican producer Aranxa represents for the women in hardcore with “Break It Down,” a track filled with piep kicks and high pitched screeches.

NTXC, a duo from southern California, switches things up with their track “WTF!” It features some house influences as well as reverse bass and even a bit of hardcore. Karina Rosee is another woman from Mexico taking over hardcore. Her track “MF” combines hardcore with trap breakdowns. The final track on the compilation is called “Re-Entry” from the unknown masked producer LLLLNNNN. There isn’t much info about him, but his website states he is “an extraterrestrial force.” The first drop has hard psy influences with glitched out screeches, while the second drop has a hard trap breakdown.

Basscon always does a good job of exposing listeners to all forms of hard dance and Recon Volume Two is no exception. Stream Basscon: Recon Volume Two below and be sure to follow our New Music Friday Heat playlist on Spotify.

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