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Bassrush Packs the Talent into The Prophecy: Volume 3 with 11 New Tracks

Article by: Sam Wolloch

With two successful compilation albums in 2020, Bassrush is back to start the new year with The Prophecy: Volume 3 featuring 11 new tracks from some of the best talent in the bass music scene. When Bassrush goes looking for the freshest artists to shape the future of bass, they often hit the mark, finding and signing several of the artists from prior Prophecies for solo Bassrush releases. Here’s a quick look (and link) for each of the contributing artists on these 11 awesome new songs.

“Broken Machine” - Sam Lamar kicks off the album with an aptly named tune, as the glitchy sound design sounds like a machine malfunctioning somewhere in the matrix.

“Phrogging” - ENiGMA Dubz, the veteran producer from Birmingham, UK, comes correct on a slow-creeping jam with haunting vocal samples and a mysterious feel.

“Dirty” - New York City’s own Ruvlo gets down with some old school ragga roots while injecting his own modern updates on this sweet success.

“Full Throttle” - KRILLA really steps on the gas with this fourth track, as the Toronto artist goes deep with the trippy space bass.

“Dome” - East meets West as Brooklyn’s JEANIE and L.A’s southgate. collab on a sick track with shrilling synth sequences and shadowy vocal samples.

“Mind Hack” - This song is the brainchild of Italian collaborators Tryple and Nextars, with futuristic sound elements and a bass-heavy bottom-end.

“Distortion” - Jkyl & Hyde, the duo from Los Angeles, bring some riddim to this release as their tune features heavy drops and disorientating interference throughout the wild ride.

“Clairvoyance” - Coming from across the globe, Hong Kong’s Farrah brings some melodic flair along with her trappy beats on this half-time tune.

“Spaced Out” - ICON collective grad L’homie definitely gets spacey as he blends soft and sexy vocals with a groovy driving back beat.

“wet” - Floridian Wasteurself goes straight to the source, using water for some of the bubbly sound samples which complement the single vocal sample.

“Senpai” - For all the anime lovers out there, Weird Waifu rounds out this killer compilation with her quirky beats and manga samples all mixed up in a teasingly tasteful track.

There it is, the next group of hustling and bustling bass music producers shining brightly on the Bassrush compilation The Prophecy: Volume 3. Be sure to keep your ears out for these talented artists as there is surely plenty more to come in 2021 and beyond.

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