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Beyond Day Two: Upcoming Artists Not To Miss

Article By: Christopher Ryan Savoie

With Day Two of Beyond Wonderland 2022 just underway, check out our list of four smaller acts bringing the heat.

The first artist you need to see is someone we have been following for a bit now, Jessica Audiffred. Dubstep DJ out of Mexico, she has played major festivals like Lost Lands & Forbidden Kingdom. The man himself Excision is high on her so you need to put her on your radar if she’s not there yet. Here are three songs you will enjoy that you should listen to. Emergency, Nindo and Nothing's Left. Enjoy the bass and get there early to see her at the Mad Hatter’s Castle on Saturday!

Next, check out another awesome leading lady, HoneyLuv. Breaking glass ceilings for black women in the industry, HoneyLuv's take on house gets back into the roots of the genre. Eclectic sounds seamlessly bridge the gap between techno and house. With her own radio show on iLL Donuts, House Of Honey, HoneyLuv is paving the way as a soon to be household name.

Again for our fans of the heavier vibes, be sure not to miss OG Nixin. Currently touring with Maruada, the insane drops and pounding beat will be sure to fulfill the most intense of basshead needs. Tracks such as "Get Fucked" and "Thug Na$ty" tease the lines of scare and excitement, and his heart stopping sets echo the tone his music sets flawlessly.

Last but not least on our list is an artist out of Long Beach, GEO, another artist we have been following for awhile and is starting to really make his claim in the hardstyle world. Taking inspiration from hip hop, come check out his unique and high energy vibe to get you ready to party throughout the night. Three songs of his you should use to listen to and pregame with are Dakiti, Cold War and Like A Bomb. You can catch GEO Saturday at the Cheshire Woods Stage; and be sure to go say hi at his meet'n'greet right after near the VIP area.

Remember to get to the festival early, drink, eat and roam around. Experience all Beyond Wonderland has to offer and check out some new amazing artists that you maybe haven’t heard yet. As always be safe, and have a kick ass time!

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