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Building off his Wakaan debut EP Psych Ward, SubDocta has released his next EP Crystals & Kombucha

Article by: Ryan Hood

Building off his Wakaan debut EP Psych Ward, SubDocta has released his next EP Crystals & Kombucha. This two-part EP further showcases his incredible sound design and range as a bass music producer.

Crystals & Kombucha is being released as a two-part EP, as SubDocta said Part 2 was initially written as a VIP for Part 1. Rather than releasing them separately, the two were bundled together for this EP and are the perfect complement to one another.

Part 1 starts with a bouncy topline that is eventually coupled with an extremely crisp percussion track, including some added percussive effects. As a listener, this pairing had me in a trance, hypnotized by the melody as the percussion danced around in my head. A quick percussion fill is followed by a harrowing distorted bass, further engulfing the listener in SubDocta’s world. The percussion and bass work perfectly together, complementing one another as they are joined by rap lyrics from Reverie, completing this fantastically-assembled record. Bass music is no stranger to rap features, and I believe this will be even more commonplace in the future.

Where Part 1 shines due to its minimalist nature, Part 2 showcases an incredible variety of bass sounds and lets SubDocta flex his sound design chops.

Part 2 begins with the familiar melody from Part 1 coupled with an incredibly foreboding piano lead, foreshadowing the bassline’s takeover of the record. The piano melody quickly gives way to a descending bass melody. The drop contains varying bass sounds, some repetitious and some one-off bass stabs, both working with the percussion to create incredible rhythm amongst the flurry of bass sounds. The piano returns during a quick interlude before the second drop sucks the listener back in. After a more prolonged interlude, the third drop is where SubDocta lets it all loose. The drop is dominated by high-end bass sounds and a heavily distorted bassline. With each drop, Part 2 of this EP becomes increasingly more chaotic while showcasing incredible sound design prowess, displaying a wide variety of bass synths.

Crystals & Kombucha is one of SubDocta’s more experimental works to-date, and we cannot wait to see what else is on the horizon for this bass music wizard.

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