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BVRRN & District 13 Launch "Erase Me" Off Captivating Collab EP [Premiere]

Article by: Bre Olinger

California-based producer, BVRRN, and Arizona-based producer, District 13, combined forces and used their incredible talents to create their captivating and all-too-relatable collaborative 3 track EP titled Erase Me. Their EP will be released via Blanco Y Negro Music on Friday, May 7. Moon Lvnding is honored to present the premiere of their self titled track "Erase Me," the last song on their Erase Me EP.

"Erase Me" tells a moving and powerful story of a woman stepping into her power, and realizing it’s time to move on from her lover after a tragic breakup. This song is full of great vibes and it showcases heavy festival energy.

This entire EP is a heartbreak story from start to finish. Featuring unique melodies and hard hitting lyrics, it is sure to take every listener on a journey. Any person who has ever experienced a gnarly break-up is guaranteed to relate to these tracks on a personal level.

The release of Erase Me will be the first time the world has the privilege of hearing the combination of the sounds and minds of these two brilliant artists. Be sure to check out the rest of their EP, and keep your eyes peeled for their future releases! You can also find this one featured in our #NewMusicFriday playlist tomorrow when it is out on all streaming platforms!

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