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Chris Lake Returns with Masterpiece Remix of “Who Are You?”

Article by: Tanner Thompson

The world is a better place when Chris Lake pumps out hit dance tracks, as his latest tune testifies. Lake remixes Miane’s recent single, “Who Are You?” and the result is simply incredible. The producer has a gift like no other in the way he creates sophisticated house masterpieces.

“Who Are You?” is Miane’s welcome to Black Book Records, where she is sure to be for the long haul. Yet as good as her original is, Lake’s take will turn heads. The remix features Lake’s signature deep bass sounds blend perfectly with intricate synths and beautiful vocals. The second drop starts with the beat without the claps, creating an almost dark techno sound before continuing with the main chorus.

Dance music is better when Chris Lake is at its forefront, signing new talent and releasing new music. It’s been far too long since any of us have grooved to a Lake set live, and it will be comforting to (hopefully) see him back on major lineups this year.

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