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Dive into the Drop with The Prophecy: Volume 2 on Bassrush Records

Article by: Trevor Di Carlo

Quickly growing to be one of the most recognized labels under Insomniac Music Group’s umbrella, Bassrush Records blasts off on this glorious #NewMusicFriday with its second installment of the compilation series, The Prophecy. Featuring an impressive roster of rising stars, Volume 2 unites Tek Genesis, Super Future, FLY, Hukae, Floret Loret, Khiva, Noer the Boy, Saka, Rejack, Nik P, and Phantom Nexus to contribute their own individual styles to this diverse compilation.

Clocking in at a cool 10 tracks, The Prophecy: Volume 2 really spotlights the production abilities of the featured artists. Tek Genesis leads the way into the bass realm of this compilation with his track “Eterna,” which opens with instrumental melodies that ease listeners into the gritty bass experience.

Diving deeper into this experience with Super Future’s track “Bamboo,” he blends genres of instrumental trap with sensational dubstep to create a unique sound. Other standout tracks include “Psychout” by Rejack, “Slipstream” by Saka, and “Nu Bloom” by Floret Loret. Overall this compilation is definitely for someone who loves all things bass. What are you waiting for? Stream it now and enjoy the best of the rising talent among the ranks of Bassrush Records.

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