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Dyehard Records Releases First Compilation 'Live Fast Dye Hard Volume 1'

Article by: Jessica Duncan

American hard dance duo Tyeguys started making waves in the hard dance scene in 2016, and then took it by storm in 2019. Since then, they have created their own label, Dyehard Records, to showcase the best up-and-coming North American hard dance acts. They dropped their first label compilation today, Live Fast Dye Hard Volume 1, featuring six tracks with one each from: No Vision, Distortion Code, J. Slai, Inner Demonz, Tyeguys, and CSNDZ.

The compilation opens with “Taking Over” from Southern California’s CSNDZ, who is known for making hard trap. It’s a vocal-driven track with hard trap elements and a swirling synth lead. The unexpected Moombahton style breakdown at the end of each drop was a welcome surprise.

Canadian producer No Vision switches things up with track number two, “Fight.” It’s a Darren Styles-esque happy hardcore song. It starts off with menacing horns before breaking into a pumping reverse bass. The second drop incorporates more screeches and synth stabs that will get the listeners fist pumping in the air and ready to take on any opponent.

Speed house gets its time to shine on “Crank It” by the Bay Area’s J. Slai. This track is sure to get the listener grooving with its euphoric vibes. At the one-minute mark, J. Slai switches it up with a hardstyle drop before transitioning back to speed house. His love of hardcore comes through in the final drop when he really cranks up the BPM and the intensity of the kicks.

“Nuclear” by LA-based rawstyle producer Distortion Code wastes no time and dives in immediately with rawstyle pieps and distorted kicks before changing up the pace with horns, vocal samples about nuclear war, and a creeping guitar riff. Screamo vocals declare “I’ll take what’s mine” before Distortion Code unleashes a heavily distorted and chaotic drop.

“Boom” goes track number five, the latest from label bosses Tyeguys. It’s a high-energy banger with heavily distorted kicks and pieps throughout. The first drop brings in a psytrance bassline before slowing to a tomtom-filled drum breakdown. The second drop is more hardcore at first, before transitioning into a traditional hardstyle drop to close out the track.


To close things out, hardcore producer Inner Demonz keeps the energy up with his track “Burn Me.” He opens the track with some ethereal synths and trap-sounding drums, before the thumping kick and reverse bass take over. This is the perfect beat to bust out a hakken, complete with high kicks.

Tyeguys have done a fantastic job with Live Fast Dye Hard Volume 1 by highlighting multiple genres that fall within the hard dance umbrella. Listen to the compilation below and give all the artists on it a follow. Be sure to check out our New Music Friday Heat playlist as well, updated with fire tracks every Friday.

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