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EAZYBAKED Unleash Bass Banger “Simulated” from Upcoming LP INTERTWINED

Article by: Ryan Hood

Florida bass-music standouts EAZYBAKED have come out and set the tone for 2022. The duo announced its debut LP INTERTWINED, and dropped its second single “Simulated,” which is already one of my favorite tracks of the new year. EAZYBAKED deliver an anthem that will be gracing sound systems across the country for years to come.

“Simulated” brings frenzied energy to set dance floors and festival crowds on fire. The track’s bassline is masterfully crafted, and coupled with the track’s uptempo nature makes it a fantastic track for DJs to play in their sets. The track opens with ominous, distorted vocals and the percussion. The track’s bassline is an incrediblly fresh take on the signature EAZYBAKED sound. “Simulated,” and the LP’s first single “Letting Go,” have set the bar exceptionally high for the upcoming LP; a promise I am certain the duo will deliver on.

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