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Ekonovah and DirtyFun Release "All I Need" on DND Recordings

Written By: Nick Lamoureux

Ekonovah and DirtyFun just released "All I Need" with Do Not Duplicate Recordings on UNLOCKED Vol. II Radio. In this collaboration with DirtyFun, you really are going to hear some of that smooth sounding "Ekotech" that Ekonovah has been pioneering. I absolutely love the almost dark vibes you get from this coincided with the lyrics singing "you're all I need." This song to me has that Tchami/Malaa build up and feel when the drop hits. The vibes that I instantly felt with the twanging "Ekotech" really hits home for me as someone who loves tech-house/basshouse and any just filthy house music.

Stephen says that "writing "All I Need" with Tyler (DirtyFun) was super fun. He showed me a very early demo of the project and immediately I had ideas and felt inspired, so it organically grew into a collaboration!" He also states that Tyler "is a really hard worker. The type of producer that doesn't leave the studio until the song is finished. So much respect for him and his talent."

Ekonovah and DirtyFun went through a few different versions of the track and ended up "cherry picking" bits and pieces of their favorite parts of the track all into the finished product. When asked about thoughts on the final results Ekonovah says, "We are both super happy with the final result!"

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