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Ekonovah Announces ‘The Discovery Tour’

Article by: Kyle Dusterhoft

Ekonovah, an Arizona-based producer and DJ, announces his international The Discovery Tour, a unique experience set to span across the United States and Mexico. Though Ekonovah is no stranger to putting on incredible live shows, playing at venues such as EDC Las Vegas, Bonaroo, Decadence Arizona, and Exchange LA, the Discovery Tour will be his first headlining tour.

Ekonovah has confirmed that he will be showcasing his unique head-turning sound in New York, San Diego, Phoenix, Nashville, Phoenix, and more. Creating his new vocal-driven sound, Ekonovah has nearly amassed 50,000 monthly listeners on Spotify and has his tracks supported by dance music heavyweights like Porter Robinson, Zeds Dead, and Tiesto; a tour seemed destined to happen with all of the support.

The Discovery Tour will be a one-of-a-kind adventure for Ekonovah, as he will be writing and producing a song called “Discovery” while out on the road. This track will be thrown through the wringer while out on tour, modifying the track between each stop and testing the newly revised song at his shows.

When asked about his upcoming tour, Ekonovah states, "The Discovery Tour is going to be special for so many reasons. It's my first tour, and throughout the tour, I will be writing a song called "Discovery" and testing it at each stop. I haven't written any lyrics yet or any music because I want this song to capture what I am feeling while I'm traveling from show to show. I definitely haven't done anything like this before but I know the inspiration will be flowing — I can't wait!"

With nearly everything that Ekonovah releases, there seems to be a special story behind the titles of his releases, evidenced by some of his latest tracks like “Souvenir” and “Fusion,” the Floating EP, and even The Discovery Tour. According to Ekonovah, "choosing the name for the tour was surprisingly really easy for me. I have changed so much as a person and an artist over the last couple of years. Ever since I changed my sound last year with more vocal-driven projects, it has felt like one evolution after another. Which is exhausting — but also feels incredibly rewarding.”

“I also love to learn new things on a variety of topics when I have free time, I think I've always been that way. So without hesitation when my team and I were initially brainstorming details for the tour, The Discovery Tour was the first idea for a name and everyone loved it."

As Ekonovah gets ready to start up The Discovery Tour, he has claimed that "every artist dreams of having their very own tour, and the fact that I get to embark on mine here soon is just surreal. The past couple of months the ideas for the tour have been coming together and each day that passes I feel myself getting more excited for everything to kick off." With Saint Punk riding shotgun for him at some of the shows, The Discovery Tour will be one for the books. Connect and listen to Ekonovah by following him on social media to stay up to date on the tour using the links below.

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