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Ekonovah Wants To Grab “Your Attention”

Article by: Kyle Dusterhoft

Continuing his rise in the house music scene, Ekonovah is here to grab “Your Attention” with his first release of 2023. Ekonovah has been creating a stir within the dance music community, captivating fans with his performances and unique sound — “Ekotech.” Throughout his performances in 2022, Ekonovah played a handful of go-to bops on a regular basis; “Your Attention” has been one of those hits and the song does as promised.

“Your Attention” perfectly encapsulates Ekonovah’s self-reflection journey. The artist recalls, “Around this time, though, I was going through a sort of self-discovery phase. The music I was writing wasn't very club-friendly, but ‘Your Attention’ broke that streak of lighter, more melodic tracks that I was writing. I remember being concerned that I wouldn't love writing club music again. Then 'Your Attention' came together and coalesced into this really awesome track that had catchy melodies and banging club drums.”

Ekonovah continues, “Up until this point, these felt like two different halves of my heart but on this track, I really started figuring out how to fuse them together. And for that reason, this track has a really special place in my heart!"

Ekonovah continues to share his unique sound and perspective as he establishes himself as an artist within the house music genre.“Your Attention” sets the standard for what is to come from Ekonovah, and with this first release of 2023 under his belt, he should be on everyone's list of exciting artists to keep track of. Be sure to connect with Ekonovah on socials and listen to his work using the links below.

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