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Engage “Corrosion Protocol” as Ginseng and Omsign Unleash Massive New Collab [Moon Lvnding Premiere]

Article by: Ryan Hood

Bursting forth from the underground, Ginseng and Omsign have teamed up for a massive new collaboration “Corrosion Protocol” on Recreational Space Odyssey. Moon Lvnding is proud to bring you an exclusive premiere of this out-of-this-world track.

Bass music’s underground is ripe with talent and both Ginseng and Omsign are among the cream of the crop. Hailing from Denver, Ginseng has made a name for himself in the area, opening for artists such as Mt. Analogue and Kirby Bright, and regularly gracing the stage at Your Mom’s House, a club in Colorado. His most recent EP, a collaborative effort with DRU1D, features deep, brooding bass and wicked soundscapes fit for horror films and dark rooms with thundering sound systems.


Omsign has been on my radar for quite some time. He dazzles listeners with punishing, pulsating basslines, effervescent toplines, and sound effects straight out of a foregin galaxy. Omsign’s sound designs are incredibly complex, as his music takes listeners on a journey through sound and their own minds. He is hitting Livestock Music Festival in Indiana and The Astral Project in Tennessee this May.


“Corrosion Protocol” has been in the works for three years and the wait has certainly paid off for listeners. The track’s subtle intro quickly gives way to a devastating, distorted bassline. The track’s snare drums cut through the mix as the bass synths twist and distort the senses. A quick interlude and buildup fades away as a deeper bass melody takes over, reverberating through the low frequencies. A snap in place of the snare during the second drop is the cherry on top. This is a single meant to be shared on sound systems across the country.

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