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Eptic Unveils Debut Album 'The End of The World'

Article by: Austin Childers

Have you heard the news? Are you prepared for what is about to happen? You’d better be ready, because Eptic is coming and The End of The World is near.

Eptic is proud to present his full-length debut album, The End of The World. In this album, Eptic includes collaborations with some of the top talent in the EDM world, artists such as Dillon Francis, Hol!, Marauda, and Must Die!. The End of The World is a multi-genre deep dive into Eptic’s creative growth over the past few years. Since this is Eptic’s debut album, strap in and buckle your seatbelts, as this ride is going to be memorable.

In 2011, Eptic unleashed his first piece of music, the Eptic EP, which was released on Chronos Records. 11 years later, Eptic has tested every boundary when it comes to EDM genres and finally released his first full-length album. Over the years, he’s dropped 10 spicy EPs, 13 hot singles, and countless steamy appearances on remixes and guest mixes. Eptic is considered to be one of the original pioneers within the multi-genre realm of the EDM scene and continues to reign at the top of his game.

The first track, “Lost in Space,” brings the feel good introductory synth that listeners of his music know and love. Eptic’s use of these guitar-riffed synths are a staple in most of his studio production since day one. In “2 The Grave,” Eptic brings it with more staple sound design elements: claps, laser beam shots, and multiple voice bits, which grab the listeners attention. Switching up the flow with “Ultimate Flex,” Eptic throws a curve with this very danceable track. If one listens to the album intently, one can notice a flow pattern in Eptic’s music, and it sounds astronomical.

On “Next Level” with Dillon Francis, Eptic never fails to disappoint with his style of bounce-trap. Circling back to the heavier side, Eptic teams up with Marauda for “Wall of Death.” This one speaks for itself, and trust me, it speaks volumes – proceed with caution. “Never Again” showcases Eptic’s multi-genre skillset, which is top tier. Better be ready to “Run It” to a couple of “Drum Beats,” because Eptic might have to “Skill Check” you with these next three songs. Eptic continues to lead the charge with his trap and dubstep design, featuring Must Die! on “Skill Check.”

One thing Eptic will always be remembered for is his unique style of throwing back to earlier genres of EDM for listeners to thoroughly enjoy. Eptic’s closing single “Detonate” features French producer and colleague Hol!. This one brings the final blast that will ultimately destroy the remainder of what's left of the world.

Eptic’s The End of The World debut is without a doubt, his pièce de résistance. Stuck in Belgium for two years due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Eptic remained locked in his studio, focused on rediscovering his passion for creating dance music for all. The ominous nature of this situation led to the appropriately titled album. A true artist can make art out of any material with personal craft, and Eptic has done just that with this album.

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