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Esseks Unveils Debut Deadbeats Single, “Watching From A Distance,” Ahead of New LP

Article by: Ryan Hood As more artists adapt visual components into their music, Esseks — with his combination of experimental bass and illustration — has helped lead the trend. His debut on Deadbeats, “Watching From A Distance,” is the first single from his upcoming LP, The Villain’s Journey, and delivers signature Esseks sound and hype for the full album.

High-pitched toplines have become a distinct trait of Esseks’s sound. “Watching From A Distance” utilizes these and a distinctly hip-hop-style beat, with a drop that settles as the basslines deliver incredible groove. Punishing sub bass prevails throughout the entire drop.

This track makes me incredibly excited for Esseks’s upcoming album release. I cannot wait to see how he explores this sound further, and what visuals accompany the full album. Having illustrated his own show visuals and album art for a while now, his somewhat dark, cartoon style often depicts skulls or some sort of spector or haunted scene. It’s refreshing to see an artist in complete control of his artistic direction.

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