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Farius Keeps Progressive Alive with Nostalgic New Single “Wait”

Article by: Christian Langston

Farius has been at the forefront of the trance and progressive scene for years now, and his newest single “Wait” further cements his legacy. Signed by Enhanced Progressive, the song is characterized by airy synths and infectious melodies, wrapped up by Farius’s signature style.

“Wait” opens with a 32-bar intro of deep electro bass, slowly building tension into a cathartic release. Farius introduces his ethereal soundscape throughout the breakdown, bringing in the iconic supersaw sound with a synthesized vocal line. As more elements are added in, “Wait” becomes a wash of dreamy harmonies before reaching the crescendo.

The drop is everything we’ve come to love from progressive; uplifting and anthemic synths over a driving drum groove takes you on a journey. “Wait” goes out with the heavy electro sound it came in with, before fading into silence. This track was made for live shows, making us even more excited for the inevitable return. You’ll be sure to hear this one in sets all around the world.

With his second release of the year already, Farius is sure to have plenty more on deck. Keep your eyes out for the monumental 600th episode of Enhanced Sessions—Farius will be hosting from the iconic Tate Modern in London. You can listen to “Wait” and the rest of Farius’s library using the links below!

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