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Feeling Peachy Keen with the Winner of the Goldrush DJ Competition

Article by: Kyle Dusterhoft

Photo Cred: Tritt Visuals

Peachy Keen, the winning DJ from the Goldrush DJ competition, shares her experience of her successful set as well as her expectations for Friday. She will be the opening act on the main stage this Sunday and gushed that she’s “absolutely exhilarated! Opening for these huge artists on the Golden Gorge stage at Goldrush is truly a dream come true. Some of these big names have been inspirations to me since day one. Playing a music festival is definitely on my bucket list!”

Some would think it would be a lot of added pressure on being the winner of the DJ competition, but Peachy Keen shared a different point of view. “I think I felt more pressure preparing for the DJ competition itself. Now I am just so thankful and excited to play on the main stage and watch everyone dancing in the crowd!” Opening a show should, the goal is to get the crowd hyped, and that’s exactly what Peachy Keen is ready to do. Her advice to attendees: prepare for “high energy bass house music, the debut of my new visuals, non-stop dancing, and an enormous smile on my face!”

The lineup is full of artists Peachy Keen is fond of. “Zeds Dead has been an all-time favorite of mine since my first ever festival in 2014, so of course their B2B with Griz will be epic,” she shared. But don’t forget the house either. “Tony Romera, Noizu, Wax Motif, Chris Lorenzo, Ekonovah, Westend, and Dombresky are all some of my favorite house artists. And of course, I can’t wait to catch some of the other talented Arizona locals!”

If checking out lesser known artists is something that catches one’s eye, “definitely do not sleep on the Tumble Weed Park or Mission Patio Silent Disco! These stages are packed with under the radar and local artists.” Plus some of the artists from the DJ competition will be performing here, there’s so much talent here! Especially my fellow Goldrush competitors: Edward Joseph, M?stic, OGK, and many more!”

Peachy Keen is also looking forward to gandering at some of the non-music attractions available this year, “The Ferris wheel is always a must! The Moonshiner’s Art Walk, live stand-up comedy acts, magic shows, and art cars, are some other activities I’m looking forward to checking out!” With a company that seems to never sleep when festival season arrives every year, Peachy Keen knows what’s up -- “Relentless Beats is offering such an incredible experience this year for Goldrush.”

Looking to catch her set? Peachy Keen hits the decks of the Golden Gorge at 5pm sharp Sunday afternoon. And if you want to hear more of her work, connect with her through the links below!

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