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French Producer Wojmann Drops “The Girl Who Found Me” to Relive Some of His Past

Article by: Nick Lamoureux

Fans of Minimal house and Melodic Techno will enjoy this new track that just dropped on Sinners this Thanksgiving week from rising producer, Wojmann, bringing us “The Girl Who Found Me.” Born in the South of France, Wojmann has been through some traumatic experiences that show through this track.

His memory and recollection was taken early in 2020 when he was found in front of a small province's public pool in April of 2020. Wojmann suffers from amnesia, but through this he uses his creativity through music which allows him to express himself and feelings. His music allows him to relive a small part of his past.

This track has a very chill vibe that plays out throughout the track with a minimalistic approach, but a beautiful ambiance that rings through. This is definitely a track that will get played out at the “after after party.”

Imagine that you had just gone to a rave, and you are on the bus home in need of some chill music to get you through the drive. Everyone is worn out from the party and people are laid out on the benches and floors of the bus. This is the track I would be putting on and is the vibe I would choose to get us home. Tune into seven minutes of peace with this song, and stay connected with Wojmann on his socials and streaming pages below!

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