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Fryar Leaves No “Doubt in My Head” With His New Single

Article by: Ryan Hood

Almost a year following the release of his heat-seeking EP with Mersiv, bass prodigy Fryar has released another stellar single, leaving no “Doubt in My Head” that the future is bright for the up-and-coming producer.

Following up his latest singles “Strife” and “Get To You,” “Doubt In My Mind” features incredibly intricate sound design. Fryar utilizes extraordinarily complex bass synths to fill up the entire audio spectrum leaving listeners to get lost in his soundscapes.

The track begins with a catchy rising topline melody that is wonderfully crisp. The topline changes its melody as the song rises and is joined by a punishing bassline as the song drops. These layered synths and melodies are a staple of the Fryar project. This tune will sound even more incredible on a proper festival rig.

The second drop features more persistent hi-hats, giving the drop a sense of urgency. The percussion is tremendously crisp throughout the entire track while still letting the bass synth drive the melody.

This single is yet another example of Fryar’s sound-design chops, and we cannot wait for more of his upcoming releases, including some insane collabs with Mize, Space Wizard, Zeke Beats, and SuperAve.

Keep up with the latest from Fryar using the links below, and follow along with Moon Lvnding’s New Music Friday Heat and Moon Tvnes From Outer Space playlists on Spotify for all of this week's fresh bangers!

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