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Get Caught in an LSDream at Shady Park

Written by: Hannah Henrie

Tonight Shady Park is welcoming LSDream on October 4th to take the crowd into a cosmic journey. LSDream, also known as Sam Diament, has continued to amaze his fans with his new outlook on bass. Not confined to one genre, no on can really confine him into one genre. He explores and experiments with so many trippy sounds.

The show is already sold out, days before the event and this just speaks volumes to the talent. Other DJ’s supporting the show is Dorfex Bos, Saas, and Sprout.

LSDreams most recent album was released April 12th of this year and it’s called “Renegades of Light.”

In addition to this miraculous album, he also announced his World Of Wubb tour. Overall LSDream is sure to wow everyone at Shady Park, so don’t miss out!

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