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Get Juiced With TRICKR, Flynninho, & realnamejames in Eerie Acid-House Release “Juice”

Article by: Nick Lamoureux

TRICKR, Flynninho and realnamejames are making waves through the house music scene with their latest independent release “Juice.” This loaded triple threat of artists has quite the impressive resume between them. TRICKR, the ICON Collective graduate, has produced tracks for major brands such as EA Sports, Miller Lite, and Nike. Flynninho was once a professional soccer player and realnamejames once crafted vocals for the legendary 70s rock band, Chicago.

This beat came to fruition while producing remotely during the first wave of COVID earlier in 2020 after Flynninho approached TRICKR about working together on a collab. From the second you hit play on this beat get ready to be taken on a frenzied journey with an almost eerie yet pleasant feel from the jump as TRICKR’s signature rolling acid bass arps take over.

As the number progresses, the realnamejames’ vocals kick repeating melodies of “get a little bit of juice in your mind tonight,” which is a testament to what they wanted you to feel from the vibe of this song. The drops are beautifully crafted starting with a deep, dark acid-house drop, with the latter half of the track featuring a drop that flirts with techno and house being powered by heavy kicks, deep sub, and rolling bass.

The power trio gives you that release of adrenaline and dopamine when you tune into this beat, injecting it directly into your veins and brains.

Make sure to connect with TRICKR, Flynninho, and realnamejames on their social media pages and streaming platforms below.


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