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GRiZ and Elohim Team up on New Contemporary House Collaboration “Bring Me Back”

Article by: Trevor Di Carlo

Dance music mainstays GRiZ and Elohim display immense music diversity with their new highly anticipated collaboration, “Bring Me Back,” out now on Elohim Music. Both multi-talented producers infectiously shine through this new contemporary house track that is inspired by the lasting friendship and love the two have for eachother. This collaboration has been long overdue, and it was well worth the wait as both of their unique talents are showcased in unrelenting perfection.

“Elohim is one of my favorite people. I find her always inspiring and so unique. Working on a song with her was a fkn blast. I had so much fun getting hype about each new version we were sharing back and forth. It kept getting better and better. It’s also cool to work on music with someone and have it deepen your relationship with them. Was looking forward to hopefully doing a song for a while and I’m so happy with how this turned out.” - GRiZ

“Bring Me Back” has a sound that just makes you wanna smile, Elohim radiates positivity with her melancholic vocals that weave perfectly with the groovy piano melody, and punchy beats that make you wanna get up and sing along. Both GRiZ and Elohim have outdone themselves yet again. “Bring Me Back” is for sure fits in perfectly within both of their powerhouse discography’s.

“I've always been a fan of GRiZ and his message, his connection with his audience and his musicianship. He is a true artist's artist and his positivity and authenticity is something that I hold close to my heart. So naturally I had been wanting to do a song with him for a while now. I was going through vocals I had written and this one seemed like the perfect fit.. but what he transformed it into was something from outer space. So grateful for his magical touch!” - Elohim

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