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GRiZ And Ganja White Night Team Up For Funky Bass Anthem “Ease Your Mind”

Article by: Ryan Hood

I’m not gonna lie, I have NEVER seen a song elicit as crazy a response in the Moon Lvnding Discord as this one did.

GRiZ and wobble bass masters Ganja White Night have finally released their long-awaited and highly anticipated collab, “Ease Your Mind.” From the groovy saxophone, crunchy bass, and outstanding album art, this track is the perfect representation of what GRiZ and the Ganja boys bring to the table.

Each of the three drops in “Ease Your Mind” is incredibly distinct, showcasing the artists’ incredible sound design and musicianship. The beginning of the song introduces the listener to a simple yet extremely effective mid tempo beat, reminiscent of the jam bands who originally married funk and bass. In the intro, these artists flex their incredible musicianship, utilizing an array of instruments including bass, guitar, and saxophone.

After being ushered into the first drop by GRiZ singing “It’s groovy, baby,” the listener is treated to a drop featuring an array of incredible bass synths and the occasional saxophone riff, showcasing just how effectively these artists can blend funk and bass. The second drop utilizes the saxophone as the topline, delivering the signature GRiZ groove while the sub bass delivers the punch.

Now, for that third drop.

This drop never ceases to amaze me, causing my arms to flail uncontrollably while jamming out to incredible Ganja bass synths. While many of us know Ganja for their signature dubstep sound, I believe their sound design is just as effective for funky 100bpm tunes like this one. This drop contains unmatched energy, and will set dance floors ablaze once shows are set to return.

If you want to catch "Ease Your Mind" in a music video animation, it's dropping here at 3pm Eastern Time this afternoon!

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