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GRiZ Passes the “Vibe Check” with His Funky New Single

Article by: Ryan Hood

Just when one thinks his music can’t get any better, GRiZ drops his first single of the year, and it DEFINITELY passes the “Vibe Check.”

An industry staple, GRiZ has been combining elements of funk and dubstep for years, establishing himself as one of electronic music’s premier producers. “Vibe Check” perfectly encompasses everything great about the GRiZ project: funky saxophone melodies and incredibly crisp sound design.

“Vibe Check” starts with an incredibly catchy saxophone melody, and quickly builds to the first drop. The drop utilizes a groovy saxophone topline coupled with bass synths reminiscent of classic American dubstep. GRiZ flexes a wide array of sounds, varying from funky, crunchy bass synths to squelch bass sounds. The duality presented by the groovy topline and massive bass is a staple of GRiZ’s music and has propelled his career for over a decade.

Each of the three drops is mixed differently, placing different emphasis on the topline and bass synths, all while maintaining an unmistakable groove. I can’t help but picture GRiZ on stage ripping on the saxophone with crazy lights and pyrotechnics as the crowd goes insane when this song drops. This is a track I cannot wait to hear on a festival sound system, as the song displays an incredible array of sounds and a near flawless mix.

Keep up with the latest from GRiZ using the links below, and follow along with Moon Lvnding’s New Music Friday Heat and Moon Tvnes From Outer Space playlists on Spotify for all of this week’s fresh bangers!


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