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Gud Vibrations Releases the Heavy "Heart Break" Remix EP

Article by: Sam Wolloch

Moody Good and Slander teamed up to craft and release the twisted track “Heart Break” right at the end of spooky season last year. Now 10 months later, Gud Vibrations presents 10 of dubstep’s hottest artists and their own remixes on the Heart Break Remix EP.

Oddprophet: First up is the Welsh producer and his driving, metallic sound, fresh from the Never Say Die roster. He sets the pace for the whole EP with the longest remix, as he engineers and employs a memorable whipping and winding noise in the build up of the song to heighten the suspense and energy of his soundscape.

Syzy: Next is the young producer from Huntington Beach, California. Fresh off his Sunshine EP release on the Never Say Die: Black Label last week, Syzy is back this week with his unique remix of “Heart Break.” He uses a glitchy stutter at the top of the drop and does a nice job with the faint screaming in the background as the song fades out.

Trampa: Another UK-based, Never Say Die producer has his way on the remix EP and Trampa packs quite a punch. Ominous drums bounce about in the background as Trampa leads into the drop, where he leans into his deadly dubstep arsenal with a choppy and grinding interpretation of the track.

Moore Kismet: The young 15-year-old artist makes a huge impression with their remix of the spooky season hit with maybe the most melodic vision of the bunch. The openly pansexual, non-binary, African-American artist has been doing the most in 2020 and does not let up here. They create a lighter and more dreamy atmosphere for this track compared to their peers, especially with more ethereal vocal samples through the drop and the clip in the fade out, making it quite a memorable remix.

Akeos: The 18-year-old from Pennsylvania is another young gun from the Never Say Die: Black Label crew, building off the recent success of his release “Derma Crush” and collab with Syzy “Identity Theft.” Akeos leans into the distortion from the start and uses searing synthwork as he tears right through the drop. The creepy slow down of the lyrics at the end of the song really feeds into the song’s spooky season vibes.

Neonix: The burgeoning dubstep artist hailing from Dallas, Texas has been quiet for a few months since releasing his debut EP Lee Jennings on Never Say Die as well as “Dead Face” on Bassrush Records. But Neonix is back in a big way with his remix of “Heart Break,” showing off his Lone Star State swag with a powerful melody at the top of his drop and a growling glitchy style throughout.

Hukae: Yet another standout UK-based dubstep and riddim artist from the talented Never Say Die: Black Label roster takes a big step forward with his version of “Heart Break.” The otherworldly sound design Hukae engineers for the remix is quite unique, and gives off big sci-fi alien vibes. Most memorable is his eerie fade out at the end, where he craftily lets the lead vocals trail off into nothingness.

Aweminus: The born and raised Las Vegas bass music maker does fine work with his shot at remixing “Heart Break,” after an action packed August that saw him finally release the single “Subminus” and open up with an hour set on Bassrush’s Malignant live stream. Aweminus produces myriad streaking sounds through the drop, like fluttering bubbles and blinding lasers. But the best part of his remix is the melody that comes full circle through the song, as he weaves it into the buildup in the first verse as well as the fade out at the end

Oolacile: Having just started his own label Halcyon, as well as releasing his new single “Dreams,” Oolacile has been busy recently. But not too busy to take his turn at remixing “Heart Break,” and he may have come up with the most haunting sound of the group. In what feels like a walk through an evil amusement park, Oolacile produces not one, but two demented drops, just right for spooky season lovers.

Leotrix: Rounding out the Remix EP is the young Sydney, Australia artist, fresh off his Collapse EP out on Disciple Round Table and his collab with Moore Kismet “Adore” on Never Say Die. The echo on the lead vocals is a nice touch and it is enjoyable how Leotrix is able “to bring the ruckus!” And as the last remix on the EP, Leotrix really excels with his fade out at the end, slowing and distorting the voice into a creepy cry for help.

All in all, Moody Good and Slander round up an outstanding selection of young international dubstep talent to remix the 2019 Halloween hit “Heart Break,” out now on Gud Vibrations.

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