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Holly Pushes Through Creative Boundaries With ‘Dark Skies & Holy Grail’

Article by: Trevor Di Carlo

Goldie Award winning producer Holly returns to the spotlight with his fresh new mixtape ‘Dark Skies & Holy Grail,’ out now through HARD Records. Holly utilizes multiple sources of influences to construct this contemporary mix, meticulously weaving together hip-hop, melodic house, and bass to further advance his footprint within the modern culture of dance music.

Looking at the tracks that build the hip-hop stature of ‘Dark Skies & Holy Grail.’ “Amusement” (feat. UnoTheActivist), “Devotion” (feat. OG Maco), “Pill Ride” (feat. TEARZ, Ugly Duck), and “Fridays Night” (feat. Mac P Dawg, SUFFER GRiM) use the unique ability of the featured American rappers to push through creative boundaries, and drive the compilations narrative story.

“Angel Fire” (feat. Sebastian Reynoso), “Safety” (feat. RahRah), “All Star”, and “Sunrise” support the chilled out melodic house, and drum & bass perspective of ‘Dark Skies & Holy Grail.’ “Sunrise” in particular plays on the emotional ups and downs, intricate synthwork and soulful beats wrap the listener in a warm soundscape.

“Just Enough” (feat. Baauer), “5AM CDR Jam,” and “Immune” dive into the bass aspect of ‘Dark Skies & Holy Grail.’ “Just Enough” displays the dark and gritty side of Holly’s production, the song shifts between styles and sounds making for an extremely dynamic experience.

Be sure to connect with Holly on social media to keep up with his latest projects. Even though his frenetic output has slowed from 2017, where he released 600 tracks. His impact on contemporary dance music culture continues to advance.

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