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IllusoryOS Tour is the Real Deal

Article by: Sam Wolloch

Photo Credit: IG @auroraglassproductions

I had high hopes heading to the iconic Knockdown Center in Queens, NY for G Jones’ IllusoryOS Tour last Saturday night and the show exceeded my expectations. After nearly a month off from live events, my last being the Carl Cox Brooklyn takeover in March, I was jonesing for some deep bass in my bones.

The first thing to highlight about the IllusoryOS Tour is the talent of the support G Jones selected. The local opener will vary by location, and here in New York City we were lucky to catch a live set from the Brooklyn artist Outtatime. This genre-fluid producer started the show with a dark bass set, packed full of awesome underground cuts.

Molokai / Photo Credit: IG @auroraglassproductions

Another pair of artists featured in our preview, Molokai and Mr. Carmack also set the stage well before the G Jones feature performance. It was my first time hearing the Wisconsin-based Molokai and I was impressed by his presence and sound design, while it was my first time seeing Mr. Carmack live since 2014. The EDM vet played a thoughtful mix of new tunes and old classics. And here in New York City at the end of an East Coast run that saw stops in Washington D.C. and Boston the two days prior, we also got to hear a live set from Ivy Lab, who delivered an engaging trap-fueled bass set after Molokai and before Mr. Carmack.

Another highlight of the IllusoryOS Tour was the visual production that went into the development of this experience. Staying true to his black-and-white theme and computer OS symbolism, G Jones’ graphics on the big screen complemented the music well. A few times during the set, I observed G Jones taking a moment to turn and admire the production behind him, and I thought it spoke to the meaningfulness of the artist’s design.

Photo Credit: IG @auroraglassproductions

While I can’t speak to the other tour stops, the choice to use the Knockdown Center for the NYC stop was on point. It is one of my favorite venues in the city, due to its century-old architecture and its quirky restoration features, as well as the thoughtful art installations around the cross-disciplinary environment.

Finally, of course, are the fresh cuts and new mixes that G Jones produced for the IllusoryOS Tour. I won’t be the one to spoil the surprise of what VIPs and remixes you’ll get to hear, but let me just tease that it will leave you amazed by his skill and attention to detail. There are still city tour stops over the next four weekends, in Detroit, Denver, Seattle, and Los Angeles, so head to the G Jones website to snag those tickets. Then in June, G Jones will perform the IllusoryOS Tour at two festivals, Kosmic Kingdom in Iowa and Bonnaroo in Tennessee. If you have the chance, don’t miss this fantastic show.

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