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John Summit Shows What It Means To Be “Human”

Article by: Kyle Dusterhoft

Continuing his breakout year of 2021, John Summit released “Human,” a highly anticipated release that has been a staple of his live sets for the past few months. Following up on recent successes like his remix to “Dopamine,” “Sun Came Up,” and “Witch Doctor,” Summit continues his upward trajectory with “Human.” He teamed up with Echoes and the label Full Frequency Range Recordings (FFRR) for this track and it checks off some extra boxes for why this will be his next hit song.

“Human” shows Summit’s creativity. Known for mastering groove and percussion-driven elements with rolling basslines, Summit blends these together in perfect harmony within “Human.” Complementing these elements is Summit’s incorporation of fetching vocals in his music. The vocals in “Human” encapsulate an emotive use of lyricism that reflects vulnerability as a human. Summit states “Human is easily my most anticipated single to date. This record has taken months to perfect, and with it having over 100 different elements, my laptop has crashed many times during the process.”

Summit continues to make marks in the music industry on his ascent to dance music superstardom. “Human” is another launching pad for Summit to climb even higher in the ranks. Summit has quite a few shows scheduled across the states as his monumental year comes to a close. Make sure to connect with Summit on social media with the links below and look for “Human” in this Moon Lvnding’s New Music Friday Playlist update!

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