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KAMI Take on Techno with Their Cyborg Future EP

Article by: Jessica Duncan

KAMI has been rising through the ranks of the American hard dance scene over the last few years with their willingness to tackle any genre and make it harder and faster with their “Rage 2 Hard” motto. This time around, they are taking on techno with their latest release, Cyborg Future EP. They previously ventured into the hard techno realm with their track “Wormhole” in 2020. “This EP is unique because we don’t usually make music below 150 BPM,” said Vinny Chiarelli, one-third of KAMI.

The first track on the EP is the title track “Cyborg Future;” seven minutes of dark, driving, futuristic techno that pays homage to techno’s roots while modernizing the sound. The kick is less distorted than normal for KAMI, but still hard nonetheless. The drum pattern follows the tried and true techno formula with a four-on-the-floor kick, a snare every 2nd and 4th beat, and the hi-hat coming in every 2nd eighth note. The 303 acid bass then kicks in, before a cyborg’s voice informs the listener “we are your future, you will comply.” There are also a few screeches thrown in, combining with their usual hard dance sound to create what KAMI call “deadly techno.”

“Tetra,” the second track on the EP, has more urgency to it with a faster BPM. The distorted kicks and hardstyle screeches push it into the hard techno extreme of the musical spectrum. KAMI change things up a bit and opt to use claps instead of snares and more cymbals to formulate the beat. They again utilize the 303 acid bass to create the dark warehouse vibe. A different robotic voice announces a breach of some sort that contributes to the sense that cyborgs are now searching for the listener. The breakdown at the 3:20 mark gives the listener a chance to catch their breath before jumping right back into the chase.

If The Matrix was to come out in 2021, KAMI’s Cyborg Future EP would be the perfect soundtrack. Stay up to date with what KAMI have coming up next and check out their previous releases using the links below. Be sure to follow our New Music Friday Heat playlist every week with the latest fire from multiple genres.


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