Klingande Makes A Grand Entrance With Brand New Single “Big Love” With Wrabel

Article by: Vassili Makavos

The exhausting anxieties of 2020 have been overshadowed by the triumphant collaboration between Klingande and Wrabel in the soothing, soul-nourishing, and emotional pop track, “Big Love.” It marks Klingande’s first single release of 2020, following last year’s masterful debut double album, The Album.

The song begins, “I’m used to love sneaking out when I’m fast asleep, and I’m used to love passing me by on the other side of the street,” something I think we can all relate to in this current COVID world. The lyrics are accompanied by a combination of feelgood piano chords in addition to sound effects that create a subtle, ethereal atmosphere. The anticipation of energy begins as a crisp finger snap layered over into the phrase “causing havoc on my mind, havoc on my body,” as a steady beat fades into prominence under the line, “Oh my God I need big love.” Something we all need.

As the song develops we’re serenaded by uplifting strings and Wrabel’s emotionally drenched vocals. This infectious dance-pop track finds the sweet spot between that thrilling dancefloor energy and acoustic melancholy. We first hear this beautiful conglomeration of sounds about midway into the song. From here on out the hope overflows through the music and the desire to find that big love grows until the completion of the song as we are greeted with a chorus of Wrabel’s vocals singing out, “Oh my God I need a big love.”

What stands out is that soul-wrenching yearning to find that “big love,” which we all so desperately crave and desire. 2020 has certainly done a number on us all, and when we hear the heart and soul of Wrabel’s voice calling out to God for that “big love,” it reminds me of how truly blessed I am by all the “big love” I actually do have in my life, especially during such a dark time. It is my hope that this Thanksgiving season, whilst enjoying and experiencing the brilliance of this inspiring collaboration, each and every one of you who reads this gets to share this song with all the people and loved ones in your life who make up your very own “big love.”

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