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LEUTHERO Releases Debut Single “Our Crimes” ft. Micah Martin

Article by: Jessica Duncan

Denver-based dubstep producer LEUTHERO combines elements of rock and alternative with bass music on his debut single “Our Crimes” featuring Micah Martin, out today via Proximity. He previously released melodic dubstep and future bass under the name Matt Ryan before fully embracing the dubstep genre earlier this year.

Over the last few years, The Zealots’ lead singer Micah Martin has made a name for himself in EDM, lending his vocals to tracks by Zomboy, Jauz, PhaseOne, and Kayzo. His distinct voice pairs well with rock-influenced tracks.


“Our Crimes” opens with an ominous guitar riff before Micah’s vocals and a simple drum beat kick in. The track sounds like it could be a straight-up rock song until the minute-and-a-half mark when the synth comes in and the drums hit a little bit harder. Halfway through the song, LEUTHERO unleashes a monstrous drop filled with screeches, wubs, and screams from Micah. It is sure to get the listener headbanging along.

LEUTHERO’s inspiration for this song was the uncertainty in his life and career when he wrote it. He shared “[I] wanted to give this track a powerful yet emotional feel. Using lots of guitars, big drums, and screaming melodies, I felt like I achieved this feeling as I listened back.”

Listen to “Our Crimes” and follow LEUTHERO on social media by using the links below. We’ll be looking forward to more tracks from him in the near future. Be sure to like Moon Lvnding’s New Music Friday Heat playlist on Spotify to listen to all the new EDM tracks released every Friday!


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