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Little Rain Makes Tipsy Records Debut With “Drifting Away”

Article by: Matt Garcia

Yuchan Kim, the 19-year -old performer out of South Korea has been making waves in the music industry as of late. Using the artist name Little Rain, this young producer is sitting on three successful single releases as well as numerous remix packages. His fourth single drop is “Drift Away,” and is set to be his first release via Tipsy Records.

Little Rain recruits German singer/songwriter HILLA to perform the vocals on this project. The track arrives with bright synths and melodies to back the heartfelt lyrics. HILLA’s vocal and lyrical performance, combined with the melodious track from Little Rain, serves up a beautiful song about the appeal of the fleeting idea of chilling with your significant other by the ocean and drifting away together without a care in the world.

Known as a producer and remixer due to his numerous successful remix projects, Little Rain makes his genius as an original producer known with this delightful release. Yuchan Kim looks to continue his recent rise through Tipsy Records, with this release being his first stepping stone. Keep up with Little Rain and Tipsy Records for more dance music projects like “Drift Away!”

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