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Malaa Makes Long-Awaited Return to Arizona

Article by: Kyle Dusterhoft

After being delayed at the international border, Malaa will finally make it back to Arizona. This will be Malaa’s first show in Arizona since his back-to-back with Tchami at Decadence 2019. Fans should be getting excited about Malaa’s much-anticipated return along with a lineup of extremely talented support.

A trio of exceptionally skilled artists will be warming up the crowd. All three are making their debut at The Van Buren on Thursday: Elwer and PR!CE hailing from Arizona, and Trst. from San Francisco. These three artists will set the stage for the return of the masked DJ we all know as Malaa.

Yes, this show might be on a Thursday, but what is stopping you? These four artists are going to light up VB like it hasn’t been lit up before. If you can sacrifice one night of sleep for an amazing show, this is that show! Don’t miss out on this one, tickets are selling quickly, so make your move before they sell out.

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